Find a True Love with Confidence on a Date

Improve self-esteem, make great first impression, be confident on date, build a healthy relationship and find true love.

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What You Will Learn

Core Concepts

Concepts from psychology and life coaching that will help you succeed throughout this course.

Communication Skills

Basics of communication skills and techniques to improve them in order to become a better communicator.

Things to Do Today

The things that you can start doing immediately that will help you on the way to developing confidence.

Confidence on a Date

In this section we are getting into confidence on a date and more on relationships.

“I did not create this course to upload and forget. This course will consistently be updated with new lectures, articles, materials and bonus content in order to help you progress. You are not simply enrolling into a course, you are starting a journey! – Farukh A.

One of our biggest lifelong goals is to find that one special person to share our live with. We want to be loved just as much as we want to love. If there was one word to describe fulfillment, I would say it is the word “love.” In love we give something and never expect anything in return. Love fills the world with joyful colors.

In the world that we live in today, however (and unfortunately), love has acquired a completely different shape from the perspective of modern society. For some, love became merely a mask of a relationship, whether the happy or unhappy one. For others, love is simply being with someone next to them, someone to get by with, for sex, money or whatever other benefit they can extract.

Why? What happened with real love? What happened to that magical feeling that carried couples through the years of poverty, separation, wars, natural disasters and other challenges and hardships… things that people would not be able to overcome alone, by themselves. What happened to that magical feeling that created families, turned the love birds into loving and caring parents that raised their children to value that same love and compassion… What happened with love? Or was it ever real? Maybe it never was. Maybe we all are born with a dream of finding love, but we never actually do.

Maybe love is just a side effect of our intellect?

Well, I believe that love is real! I believe that this love is what made us humans in the first place. I believe that the only reason why we evolved to what we are today is because of love. I believe that our main lifelong goal is to find that true love, to find somebody who will love us just as much as we love them and keep that love strong forever.

Now answer me these questions: If you knew that love was real, would you do anything to find it? Would you do anything to keep it?

I know I would.

So what happened with our modern society? A lot of things. We lost our moral values, got confused a long the way, got lazy… There are many things that contribute to this as well. But just because society does not value love, does not believe in it, does not want to work hard to find it and keep it… does NOT mean that YOU have to be the same way. In fact, change start with all of us! Change starts with you!

I believe in love and I hope you believe in it too.

So, with that being said, what about confidence? How can being confident help you find your true love? Well, to me, confidence is the knowledge of self. Having a good self-esteem, being secure with yourself, understanding your own values and principles, following your intuition, being intelligent and properly interacting with the world around us… all of these things combined together into one powerful quality and a state of mind: confidence. I believe that confidence is the reflection of fulfillment and success.

So now you can see how being confident can help you find your true love in many different ways… Not only introduce yourself to someone or ask them on the date, but also build a healthy relationship and find true love.

And here is the thing about confidence, there is only ONE kind of confidence and it is a REAL CONFIDENCE. In this course, I will give you everything you need to know in order to develop that real confidence within yourself! No wearing a mask. No being an actor in your own life. Only real confidence.

So do not hesitate to enroll, because this course is one of a kind! Let’s start this journey!

What Our Students Have to Say

Another excellent course from this instructor!
Andrew Rogueyea
confidence on a date
Definitely enjoyed the course. Very good and positive perspective on relationships and dating. It felt like a breath of fresh air considering that in today's society everything became so materialistic. So, I think, if you are looking for something genuine in your love life, you will enjoy this course.
Jason P.
confidence on a date
  • Increase Your Level of Confidence on a Date
  • Make a Great First Impression
  • Learn Powerful Strategies for Building Confidence
  • Ask Her/Him Out on a Date
  • Learn Core Concepts That Will Ensure Future Progress
  • Start Believing in Yourself
  • Build a Healthy Relationship
  • Eliminate Nervousness in Certain Situations
  • Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods
  • Take Control of Your Life
  • Learn Goal Setting Basics

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