Acceptance is the first step towards achieving anything in life. It is a key component in the beginning of every journey. During this stage the main goal is to overcome the limiting beliefs, get rid of excuses and stop living in denial. While it is not possible to completely get rid of certain belief systems, doubts and fears, it is necessary to accept the reality for what it is. If you are afraid, then accept the fact that you are afraid. If you lack confidence, then accept the fact that you lack confidence. No more excuses and no more denial.

This step might seem easy, but it is not, because here, we are attempting to face ourselves, our weaknesses, our problems, our negative personality traits in order to understand responsibility.

Overcoming Denial

Denial, repression, suppression, rationalization and many other defense mechanisms are typically there to keep us away from reality.

Accepting Reality

Whatever the situation may be, it is not an easy task to accept things for what they are. It is an essential step, however, in order to understand personal responsibility.

Taking Responsibility

The only person that is responsible for your situation, your problems, the outcomes of your actions and your life, is you. Responsibility is a way of accepting it.



Control stage has to do with our sense of mastery. At this stage we take control of our lives by establishing our goals and creating an action plan to achieve these goals. While we all have certain dreams and aspirations, things that we want on a daily basis, this is not what control stage is about. Control stage is about creating the resolution plan for the negative aspects of our lives that we have accepted in the first stage. It is also the stage where we set our priorities and reasons, which also helps us understand our purpose.

Acceptance is very important for the control stage, because it is very easy to pretend in control, to have unattainable goals and plans that we know we will never follow.


Setting Goals

Once you understand the responsibility, you are ready to start taking control of your life by setting the goals to resolve current problems and start working towards success.

Finding Right Reasons

Finding the right reasons behind your goals is a part of the goal setting process. The right goals will have good reasons behind them. These reasons will keep you going.

Creating Action Plan

Your action plan will consist of your goals, starting from the smallest short term goals that you can start accomplishing immediately. Action plan will be your blueprint.



Action stage is pretty self-explanatory. Now that we have accepted our real-selves and everything around us for what it is, now that we have created our action plans, it is time to take action. We take one step at a time, with patience and consistency we follow our action plan. At this stage it is important to successfully accomplish every goal that we have set. Every goal accomplished is a reinforcement for our self-efficacy and our self-concept in general. That is why the action plan that we have created consists of attainable goals.

Action stage is all about consistency, discipline and hard work. Many people fail at this stage because they rely on motivation and inspiration instead of consistency and discipline.

Staying Consistent

Consistency at this stage is key. Some of your goals will require consistent action. It is extremely important to be disciplined at this point and accomplish the goals.

Being Patient

Patience is another important factor. It is easy to stray away from the action plan and attempt to take a shortcut. This stage is about the journey, not the destination.

Reinforcing Efficacy

The action stage works through the cycle of reinforcements. We identify the problem, come up with the solution, deliver results and reinforce our self-efficacy.