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Life is all about fulfillment. Unlike happiness, fulfillment is not a temporary emotion that comes and goes. Fulfillment is a state of mind. We derive fulfillment from different short term and long term goals, such as self-actualization, relationship and career goals, from simply having them and, of course, from successfully accomplishing them.

Accomplishing certain goals or simply having them certainly feels great. There is one very important element, however. This essential element is balance. If we do not balance these goals, priorities, tasks, values, relationships, etc., we are creating this out of balance lifestyle for ourselves. And that is how we get people, in happy relationships, but financial unstable; people with seemingly unlimited income, but lonely; people satisfied with their career growth, but downfall of their health… There are probably many more examples like this. But the idea here is that fulfillment is an all-around position in life.

When we are truly fulfilled, we are fulfilled in all of the aspects of our life, including the very present moment. And that is what BalanceCharm is all about. With these ideas and concepts in mind, we have created BalanceCharm. Anyone can accomplish that balance within themselves and their lives, but not everyone is willing to put in the required work for it. After all, one of the key components of that balance is progress and we only progress through action. And so, for the people, who are ready to take action towards finding that balance, that fulfillment, we have created BalanceCharm.


Frank V.

psychology, life coaching

Expertise in stress management, goal setting, self-esteem, relationships, self-actualization, personal finance and many other areas of life.